Make Your Home An Oasis

How you can create a place where you can say "home sweet home."

Since I moved out of my parents’ house six years ago, I’ve lived in seven apartments. Some have been greater than others, especially the one where I had a bunch of friends living with me, all mice named Morris conveniently. (Just joking, I hated it!)

My current apartment is the only place that I have truly felt 100% at home, because it is my own space. I have no roomates except for my boyfriend who will be joining me in a few weeks. But he is less a roomate and more of a partner so it makes it even more special. However, I’ve kind of enjoyed the last few months of living all alone. Having a space where you feel comfortable is so important for your mental health. You need a place where you can be yourself, recharge and feel at peace. A place where you can feel safe. A place where you can define yourself and feel like you belong.

How can you build this amazing living environment? Here are a few tips that I’ve picked up.

Personalize It

Make the space your own! It doesn’t matter your budget – you can always add little touches that show off your personality. Add plants, photos and knick-knacks. You can get some great stuff at stores like Indigo or Urban Outfitters. Or you can get more one-of-a-kind items at craft fairs, on Etsy or at thrift shops. If you want to save more money, IKEA and Craigslist are your friends. Make sure you can see yourself in each purchase and you’ll never regret it. Show off your collections (mine are books and cupcake candles!). If you are allowed, paint the walls! You can create an accent wall with a bold colour or even chalkboard paint to make it fun.  You can also paint your own furniture or create your own wall art with supplies from stores like Michael’s or De Serres.

Brighten It Up

Great lighting can really set the mood. I once had a roomate who had twinkly lights in her bedroom and it looked adorable. Colourful or patterned lampshades add some style, while choosing your own lightbulbs can create different effects and can also be more sustainable. Also, when apartment hunting, if you can afford it, make sure you choose a place with lots of windows and natural light.

Keep It Clean

I am a naturally messy person. Not dirty, but I am known to gather clutter on all surfaces. An intense work and social life makes me pretty exhausted when I get home. Not to mention, when I am depressed, it can be hard to muster the energy to get out of bed, let alone pick my clothes up off the floor. Despite this, when my apartment is clean and neat, I feel happier and comfier. I feel prouder of my space. There are so many ways to keep organized that are also fun. Get a nice laundry hamper! Buy shelves! Get drawer inserts. Get cute baskets. Put labels on things. Use mason jars for storage. And remember to make your bed!


Make it fun! Add touches of humour to keep you smiling all day. I especially enjoy punny art! Make sure to smile at the little things and don’t put too much pressure on yourself to make it perfect. Just be yourself!

Liked these tips? Comment below and tell me what you love about your apartment!

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