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Taking Care of Your Mental Health When You Are Physically Sick

Don't let a cold or the flu get you down.

I’m currently stuck in my apartment, in quite a lot of pain and pretty grumpy about it so I thought I’d try to distract myself with some writing. Getting sick sucks. It disrupts our lives and gives us serious FOMO. It also hurts and feels icky. So it’s only natural that this all can take a toll on our mental well-being and make us depressed or anxious. Here are some of my tips on keeping yourself sane and also ensurint that your sickness doesn’t have a lasting effect on your mental health. Keep in mind, these tips are for someone with a cold or a flu or an infection, not a more serious disease like cancer or cystic fibrosis (but an article like that will be coming in the future!)

Don’t Isolate Yourself Too Much 

Maybe you don’t live by yourself like I do, but make sure you don’t spend too much time all alone with no human contact. We have a tendency to curl up in a ball and hole up in our rooms, but if you have the energy, get a little social! Call someone, have a Skype session, invite a friend over to watch a movie (if you aren’t contagious!)  I know that for me, I start getting lonely and depressed and feel like the world is just passing by. That’s why we need to grab on! It’s also good to talk with people and they can reduce your fears and worries that are inevitable from consulting Dr. Google.

Treat Yourself! 

Try to find little ways to make yourself happy and relax and distract yourself. Binge-watch your favourite show (mine is Grey’s Anatomy), read a comforting book (Harry Potter), have a hot bubble bath or eat some chocolate. If you don’t live with a partner or roomies, there is SO much you can order in with apps like UberEats or Foodora.

Feel Like You Are In Control

Addressing your physical needs is one way that you can reduce stress and anxiety as you will feel like you are contributing to your well-being.

Get enough sleep! Keep hydrated! Eat! These things 100% affect our mental health and stability. You should also check with a doctor before you take any medication if you already take any psychiatric medication. They might not interact well. Another thing – don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it! I’m sure your closest friends or family wouldn’t mind dropping off some food for you.

Don’t Blame Yourself 

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to get better as quick as possible. And don’t think you are lazy for taking time to take care of your health. You come first! Always! You are not weak. You are sick.

Anyways, that’s everything that has crossed my mind since I got sick! Anything else that you’d add? Let me know in the comments!

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