Sugar, Mental Health, and Yummy Dessert Recipes

Hi friends! One of the reasons I started this website was because I wanted to build a support system in my journey to creating the life that will make me happy, fulfilled and healthy. Part of that goal is eating well. I tried to go sugar-free for September as a way to show myself I don’t need sweets every day to feel good. Did you know sugar has a lot of influence on your mental health?

Eating sugar, of course, raises your blood sugar. The inevitable crash afterwards can cause mood swings and mimic the symptoms of a mood disorder, like depression or anxiety.  It can result in low energy and disrupt the immune system. Sugar may also compromise your cognitive functions and mental clarity, like your ability to learn and your memory. Sugar is also linked with chronic inflamation which can reduce your risk of depression or schizophrenia. Consuming sugar also produces the fight or flight chemicals that can make your heart race, therefore increasing anxiety. It’s also pretty addictive and terrible for your weight, potentially causing weight gain and affecting your self-esteem.

I am obsessed with dessert after most meals. So I thought I would look for recipes for sugar free dessert that uses other ingredients to give a little sweetness. Check out the first video for my YouTube channel, where I test out a few recipes. I had a lot of fun making this!

1 comment on “Sugar, Mental Health, and Yummy Dessert Recipes

  1. On my journey I have also found that sugar if defintely an enemy of the body especially with mental illness. 100% agree with you x


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