A List of 56 of My Biggest Fears

So the other day I was really anxious and started asking my boyfriend whether every worst case scenario in my head would actually come true. It took an hour. I realized that a lot of my fears are irrational, some normal, some disturbing, some odd and some hilarious. I thought I would share them with you guys and give you a laugh and see if any of these ridiculous things in my head are stuff you guys think too. Just warning, not all of these are funny. It’s a mix.

Lifehacker actually just released a video this morning about how all fears are basically about one thing: death. It’s a really cool video. You should definitely check it out.

I have to say, most of my fears are death related. Here is a list of all the fears I can currently think of:

1. Dying

2. Spiders, centipedes, scorpions, tarantulas, wasps and most other insects

3. Flying

4. Car crashes

5. Speaking of cars, I am scared that a rock will hit a window while I am in it and the windshield will shatter and a piece of glass will impale me

6. Terrorist attacks in the subway, on the bus, in the movie theatre, bars and other crowded spaces

7. When I was little, I got creeped out by people with icing on their noses

8. When I was little, I was scared of toilet monsters

9. When I was little, I was scared of falling asleep and getting stuck in a place called Nightmareland and never waking up

10. Dying in my sleep

11. Sleepwalking and leaving the house and walking into oncoming traffic

12. Accidentally murdering my boyfriend while sleeping

13. Accidentally commiting a crime, going to jail and getting shanked

14. Getting shot

15. Getting stabbed

16. Tornados

17. Hurricanes

18. Tsunamis

19. Earthquakes

20. Getting struck by giant hail that is big enough to kill me

21. Getting struck by lightning

22. An asteroid hitting the Earth

23. Slipping in the bathtub and hitting my head

24. Having an aneurysm while pooping

25. My bookcase falling on me

26. Tripping down the stairs

27. Falling down an elevator shaft

28. Bears

29. Mountain lions

30. Becoming homeless

31. Losing my job and never being able to find work again

32. Losing a friend

33. My boyfriend breaking up with me

34. One of my ex-boyfriends murdering my family

35. When I have a kid, I’m scared they will murder me

36. Accidentally leaving something for my future kid to choke on

37. Dropping my future kid

38. Sleeping in the same bed as my future kid and accidentally rolling on top of them

39. Choking on my food

40. Fire

41. Falling off a cliff

42. Someone throwing acid on my face

43. Sexual assault and rape

44. Swallowing too much mouthwash and poisoning myself

45. World War 3

46. The zombie apocalypse and I can’t get to my boyfriend

47. An illness that kills 90 per cent of the population

48. Aliens

49. Not ghosts, surprisingly

50. Speaking of aneurysms, having one while having sex

51. Never having an orgasm ever again

52. Someone accidentally pushing me onto the subway tracks

53. Accidentally pushing someone into the subway tracks

54. The world’s fish population becoming extinct

55. Having a kid with a peanut allergy and never being able to eat peanut butter again

56. Donald Trump becoming president.

4 comments on “A List of 56 of My Biggest Fears

  1. spudbudette

    Wow, that’s quite a list. I watched the Lifehacker video on phobias, thanks for sharing. Interesting premised.


  2. Nice. I guess my biggest fear is facing the fears or accepting my fears as fears!


  3. Oh man! So many of these are my fears, too. I’m not sure how never having an orgasm again relates to death, though. Haha! One of my strange fears is slightly ajar doors.


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