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Guest Blog: How Many of You?

Today’s blog post is a little different, a little more poetic. It’s quite short and sweet and provocative. It was shared from the author behind Fights With Her, a blog about depression. He is a 23-year-old male from Lithuania. His insights into depression are really interesting. In reading some of his blog posts, he does a good job of voicing some of my own thoughts surrounding my own mental illness. Here you go:

I was driving by some high school today and all of the sudden all these emotions came rushing down on me, I started wondering how many interesting and crazy stories places like this school hides behind itself, I started wondering about hundreds of thousands of people who go through these random places and how each one of those people have their life story, just as crazy, complex and interesting as yours or mine.

I wondered how many people had their first kiss there, how many of them fell in love for the first time, how many had their hearts broken, how many have met their first real friends, how many suffered through their first betrayal, how many tears were shed by people who went to this school, how many experimented with drugs and alcohol and how many of them got lost in that? How many were good students and moved on to have great careers, how many started families? How many had their dreams crushed by this world? How many lost their friends or relatives, how many of them got into terrible accidents, how many people who went to this school are not alive anymore? How many of them lost their fight against this life and chose suicide?

And how many of them thought about someone like me?

3 comments on “Guest Blog: How Many of You?

  1. I had a simular thought when I was at a thrift store buying some clothes. I tried on a pair of boots & that song popped into head, “these boots ar made for walking. And that’s just what they’ll do. One of these days these boots are gonna walk right over you.” And it was then I thought, I wonder who’s boots those were. Did she break hearts & walk all overr dudes with them? Lol.

    Thanks for sharing!

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  2. This was an amazing post, and very thought provoking.

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  3. Thank you for feedback people, means the world to me


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