My Five Personal Tips On Self-Care For Mental Health (Video)

We hear about self-care all the time. Often from companies who are trying to sell you a product. While there is TOTALLY nothing wrong with a good bubble bath or a massage, there are definitely other ways to look at self-care.  They are actually more like concepts that you can live by to feel good, healthy and meaningful.

Self-care is essential to healthcare management. According to the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) in Toronto, part of self-care is “knowing what kinds of thoughts and behaviours make you feel better or worse.” And the Fort Garry Women’s Resource Centre says that self-care involves “identifying your own needs and taking steps to meet them.”

Engaging in self-care means that you are taking control of your own health and putting yourself in the driver’s seat. When you “do” self-care, you are taking ownership of your own body and making the decisions. You are making yourself and your mental health a priority. You stop being a passive and become an active participant in your healthcare. Of course, you should listen to a medical professional, but there are ways to improve your health that only you can figure out if they work for you. Before your parents or your friends or your partner, you should know what is best for your own well-being. To determine what is appropriate self-care you involves a lot of self-awareness and this takes time and perhaps some guidance to make happen.

Individualized and personal self-care has helped me ameliorate my mood, reduce my stress and live a more balanced life. It has also increased my confidence. I am definitely NOT perfect and there are some self-care habits that I am trying to build and it’s a continuous fail. But I’m trying.

I’ve compiled five self-care life hacks that work for me to improve my own mental health. Check out the video below! To subscribe to my channel, visit this link here.

2 comments on “My Five Personal Tips On Self-Care For Mental Health (Video)

  1. I do what I call rituals which in the morning is my morning grooming and making note sabout what I want to watch on TV. Ik eep a balance like that. I also keep a journal of what I ate for the day and other things that I have done that day.


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