Welcome to Slay Girl Society! We are an organization dedicated to helping people thrive with mental illness and promoting positive mental health in every corner of society. Currently, our main project is the blog, but we are working on expanding to educational events, fundraising and providing essential services to people with mental illness. The blog  is an online interactive experience that includes videos, photos, and social media, and documents the struggle to slay at life despite mental illness. Our founder, Beverly, shares her own experiences, as well as stories from the community. Other topics will include physical health, wellness, food, exercise, book and movie reviews and more.

A Message From The Founder


Hi there! My name is Bev! I am just one woman trying to carve out a space and support system on the internet for people whose biggest accomplishment some days is getting out of bed and they’re (mostly) okay with that. We’ll also learn together as I find the best way to thrive with mental illness, leaving room to fail without fear because we’re never alone.

I may live with mental illness (I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder a few years ago) but I’m hoping that I will be able to help anyone who has ever experienced a situation that negatively impacted their mental health (i.e everyone!). If you’ve ever been stressed, anxious or depressed, then this website will be for you. Just remember that you are more than enough. And that you never have to be scared or lonely because you have a least one person in your corner – me!